Platform Developers
Platform Developers

Looking for three Platform Developers

Development of a platform in the C ++ programming language. Programming of other attributes using C #, java, javascrypt, python, solidity.
metaverse developer

Looking for three Metaverse Developers

Implement strategies for collaboration, code, infrastructure, source control, security, compliance, continuous integration, testing, delivery, monitoring, and feedback.
Metaverse developers
Web Developers
Web developer

Looking for two Web Developers

Web development in Html, Javascrypt, Python, PHP. Cooperation with other departments. Programming of other attributes using Html, Javascrypt, Python, PHP.

Looking for three Support Specialists

Communication with users of the Meta Lobby platform and answering their questions Working in the internal system Receiving calls, emails, chat messages from regular and potential users / developers.
Support Specialists
Marketing Specialists

Looking for three Marketing Specialists

Administration and development of the company's marketing strategy. Creation of campaigns and regular newsletters and other marketing activities. SEO and Adwords management, social, etc.

Looking for two Testers

Information systems testing. Processing customer requirements in cooperation with support. Consulting and providing a hotline to the customer in cooperation with support.
Sales Specialists
sales specialist

Looking for two Sales Specialists

Searching for business opportunities as well as taking care of existing customers. Conducting business meetings. Preparation of price offers. Reporting.

Looking for an Analyst

Collection and analysis of customer requirements and their categorization. Regular consultations with the customer on the priorities of the project and individual components. Workflow analysis. Process modeling and process optimization design.