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Connect the Future into one Metaverse

Powerful features

Uncover our strenghts with features of Meta Lobby

Completely safe

Meta Lobby is build on a system of decentralized blockchain.
93.81% of all tokens are locked. Token liquidity is locked.


The main purpose is to connect all Metaverses into one Metaverse.


Fast and Simple joining between Metaverses.


Meet new friends and experience the universes.

Endless possibilities

Make your dreams come true with unlimited possibilities in Metaverse.

Contract ID: 0x075c794db21b0f75699b8a449e9d79cf02c1c1b0

Meta Lobby phases

The whole project is devided into four phases


● Sale of Meta Lobby tokens to finance the project
● Team expansion
● Marketing
● Strategy


● Development
● Community building
● Alpha testing
● Adding new features


● Whitelist for closed Beta
● Collaboration with Metaverses
● Collecting your feedback
● Bug fixing


● Public 1.0 version
● Adding new metaverses
● Online stream/cloud service
● Rewards and events for users


The answers for the most frequent questions about Meta Lobby platform and token.

A metaverse is a collective, shared digital space, world, or universe that exists beyond the analog one we live in. It can be augmented reality, virtual reality, or simply something to explore as an avatar on a computer.

Meta Lobby is platform and Metaverse, that provides comfort joining between each metaverses.

Fast and Simple connection and joining between Metaverses.

Meta Lobby token is a tool, that ensures financial investment of Meta Lobby development. Lately it may have several applies in our ecosystem.

You can buy Meta Lobby token simply on Pancakeswap.

If you need a help with buying a token, we have tutorial  HERE

Contract ID: 0x075c794db21b0f75699b8a449e9d79cf02c1c1b0 ​

No, the tokens will only be available on the markets. You will be able to earn a certain percentage of tokens through various competitions, so follow our social networks.

The project is divided into 4 phases. Official dates will not be available until the first phase is completed.

By buying Meta Lobby tokens you can help us with development of Meta Lobby project.  You can also help us by sending donations at this address: 0x791748212e93263F6Cde5Be5f232FeE4B604c43c

How Meta Lobby works

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More about Meta Lobby project and Meta Lobby cryptocurrency

Total number of tokens

The total number of created tokens is 1 000 000 000. In the planned phases, we will realease a certain amount of this number to the market.

Token use

Meta Lobby token is cryptocurrency , that can be use in Meta Lobby ecosystem. Owners can exchange for several bonuses and privileges.

Contact Us

If you are interested in our project and would like to ask something or help us in any way, please contact us via contact form, e-mail or social networks.

John Smith

Manager of Development / Co-founder

Travis Walker

Manager of Marketing / Co-founder

James Guardiola

Manager of Sales / Co-founder


Connect the Future into one Metaverse

Meta Lobby is ambitious project which connects every metaverse into one Gigaverse.